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8 Week Program

CS Soccer 8 week program structure First drill of each session an obstacle course is set up with the following equipment (Week 1 excluded)


Hurdles - Agility Ladder - Passing Arches - Goals - Soccer Balls - Cone Markers


Week 1

We start with basic soccer skills so the kids get comfortable with their surroundings and environment.

Toe-Taps and Inside foot touches.

Coach makes a circle with the kids putting 1 foot on the ball, once all kids have their foot on the ball, the kids start tapping the ball with each foot, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, then they use the inside of their feet to knock it from left foot to the right foot, they alternate between Toe-Taps and Inside foot touches 5min

Traffic Lights.

This game involves 3 colours that resemble tasks they need to do for the drill, Coach will blow whistle then say a colour Red- Kids place one foot on the ball and balance Orange - Kids sit on the ball Green - Kids dribble the soccer ball with their feet around the field until the coach calls out next colour.

Fishy Fishy In The Sea

This game involves each child having a ball and starting on the goal line with their foot on the ball. The coach is the shark and stands in the middle of the field and the kids are the fish, the coach yells “FISHY FISHY in the sea, SHARKY SHARKY you can’t catch me!

The fish have to get to the other goal line before the coach gets the ball off them.

Shooting Practice

Kids lineup behind cone put down by the coach that will be just over a metre away from the goal. Kids put their ball on the ground and kick it into the goal with their preferred foot. Coach puts cone further away every 2mins. Soccer Game

Kids get split evenly and have a 10min soccer game.

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