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The CS Soccer Kids Program was created with the aim of introducing children aged between 3 years of age and 10 years of age to sport, fitness and soccer by participating in FUN drills, exercises and games that develop their skills and fitness while introducing them to the basic soccer techniques of dribbling and passing. The program introduces the participants to all forms of sport as they develop basic skills that apply to sport and day to day activities. The program runs at numerous locations around the Macarthur Region throughout the school term as well as offering school holiday programs.

The development of minds and bodies of young people requires a program that ensures full involvement, ease of understanding and a staged approach building on initiatives and activities in a logically structured manner. The CS Soccer Program was developed taking all of these factors into consideration.


Our program provides multiple levels, adding to complexity based on age and experience, allowing children to progress through the levels over the years. A child that first enrols into the program they will experience all levels of the program, preparing them for soccer or for any other sport that they may choose in the future.


  • Introduction to warming up and exercise

  • Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination

  • Exposure to team concepts and camaraderie

  • Coordination (body) Basic skills such as running, jumping, turning and twisting

  • Motor Skills Development with a ball most of the time

  • Communication and understanding of instructions

  • Basic Fundamentals of the Game and it’s Skills

  • Balance

  • Sportsmanship

  • Introduction to the Rules and Regulations of the sport

  • Introduce the concept of respect for others and their space


The success of the program has been achieved by ensuring that our program offers more than other similar programs. This is true in the following key areas:


  • SAFETY: The program is conducted on  appropriate fields with no dangerous objects to contend with. The safety of our players is a primary concern to us.

  • CONTINUITY: The program runs for 8 weeks allowing children the opportunity to build on their new skills to the point where they become part of their day to day behaviour.

  • MULTI-TIER LEVELS: The program has skill levels depending on the child's age.

  • ORGANISATION: We pride ourselves on our organisation, administration and communication.

  • WE MAKE SPORT FUN: At young ages, kids want to enjoy sport, our focus is learning in a fun environment to ensure children remain in sport.

  • FRIENDLY EXPERIENCED COACHES: Our coaches are all experienced with most having attained first level coaching qualifications. They adopt a positive attitude to the development of young players.

  • WE CARE ABOUT KIDS: From the administration to the coaches we really care about the welfare of the children and ensuring that their first experience with sport and fitness is as positive as possible. This is reflected in everything we do.


INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAM: By the time the kids finish the program they are comfortable with the next step of playing organised sport with a club irrespective of the sport they choose.

Chris & Jess

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